Foods with sugar during long aerobic workout?

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Foods with sugar during long aerobic workout?

Postby ChuckPDX » Fri Oct 01, 2021 11:35 am

First off, yes I know that SOS/CRAP is generally evil.
On long bike rides I now take an air-fry sweet potato as primary fuel.
I used to also carry a bag of raisins/dates as a quick energy backup, but for several-hour adventures my dentist said to stop because they stick tenaciously in recession crevices and were causing erosion/decay (i.e., only eat them for potassium during breakfast before brush/floss).

So the question Jeff: What would you suggest as the "least evil" solution to use as an energy boost/backup during workouts that won't stick to and rot my teeth? I'm currently eating Clif bars then swishing with water bottle. Am not a fan of gel (Gu, etc.) but if that's what it takes...
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