Kidney stones on this way of eating???

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Kidney stones on this way of eating???

Postby ETeSelle » Thu May 12, 2022 5:23 pm

Hi Jeff --

So at this point the DX is still up in the air. Since Sunday night I have been vacillating between chills and hot flashes (menopause happened almost 15 years ago in my mid-40s), with a low-grade fever and joint achiness. At first I assumed COVID, so did 2 at-home tests (neg) and then a PCR (neg). Two days went by and still feeling like crap. It's as if I can no longer thermoregulate--I spend all my time turning the AC up and down, putting on sweaters and taking them off. At night I am soaked in ice-cold sweat.

So went back in today and got a tick panel run. I live in the woods and hike a lot, so yes, I get ticks. At least 20 a year. Have never had an issue. But had one a few weeks ago, so even though there was no bullseye rash, I figured it was a possibility. It will take 5 days to get that back so they gave me 200 mg doxycycline in the meantime.

But while I was there, they also ran a U/A, although I had no urinary signs. Came back pos for a moderate amount of blood (no bacteria). So now the walk-in clinic thinks it might be kidney stones and wants me to get a CT scan. My ever-crappier work insurance will leave me with a huge bill from that so I am reluctant.

Today I feel somewhat better. I have NEVER had any urinary signs, vomiting or nausea, back pain, pelvic pain, or any other symptoms of kidney stones other than the chills/sweats/low-grade fever. And I eat a diet that is ANTITHETICAL to kidney stones. I've been vegan for 30 years and followed the McDougall plan for most of the last 20. I do my best to restrict sodium.

So I guess I am wondering how possible this is? One thing that occurred to me: I know Dr. McDougall does not encourage supplementation, but my doctor kept nagging me about calcium and of course the Cronometer said I was deficient, so about 6 mos ago I added a CA supplement. And unlike others I've tried to take, I DID take these b/c rather than enormous horse pills I was scared I would choke on every time I tried to swallow them, I found vegan gummies that tasted good. In fact, at least a few times a week I take an extra one or 2 as "dessert."

Could that be it?? IF it's kidney stones (and I'm waiting to see regular doc to discuss the exorbitantly expensive prospect of a CT scan), could excess CA have caused them? B/c god knows I simply don't eat ANYTHING else that would cause them (and have no family history).

As I said, I feel marginally better today and it's possible this whole thing was just a non-COVID virus and the other things are red herrings. But there WAS blood in my urine, so I suppose I have to go down that rabbit hole. Just wondering about the calcium, I guess. That will teach me not to listen to Dr. McD. :(
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